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Project Examples



Needs Assessment|Blockbuster Entertainment Group

Figuring out performance needs, causes, and solutions. To improve District Manager performance metrics, used focus groups, observation, interviews, surveys, and data analysis to identify performance gaps and causes, recommend interventions, and determine future measurement plans. Interventions included operations redesign, improved communications, changed accountabilities, and leadership training.


Needs assessment creates clarity, which in turn drives change.



Training Skills Analysis |Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Figuring out what skills need to be trained. Conducted a job-task analysis for each of eight positions, beginning with focus groups to identify work flow, job duties, and tasks. Using observation, interviewing, surveying, and validation, analyzed each task further for steps and other key information, conducted instructional analyses to identify subskills and sequencing, and assessed the criticality, frequency, and difficulty of each task for inclusion in training.


Analysis focuses training and helps hit the mark.



Instructional Design and Development|Florida Department of Corrections

Making a blueprint for instruction and building materials accordingly. Developed two competency-based training programs for corrections officers. After extensive front end analysis, designed and developed an integrated and adaptable system of instructor-led, on-the-job, and video-based self-study training components. Package included knowledge and performance evaluations.


Strong design is the foundation for effective training.



Evaluation |Flagstar Corporation, Hardee’s Division

Making sure skills were acquired and instruction worked. Developed a 100-item written certification exam to measure mastery of management skills. Reviewed literature and worked with a large group of subject matter experts to determine critical skills and write items. Facilitated review of items for plausibility, readability, and construct validity. Conducted a passing score study and analyzed field test results for difficulty and response patterns.


Evaluation reveals areas for improvement and how to address them.

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